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Avatar of Abond Mwangi
Abond Mwangi

Literally the best trading tutor I’ve met

Avatar of Adam Green
Adam Green

This site is awesome :)! Honest, transparent – will show wins AND losses. Helpful, down to earth and good at explaining :)! THANK YOU.

Avatar of Adam Wray
Adam Wray

The Best Online Day Trading education out there! Look for him on Youtube and TikTok as well! I have learned so much from Josh in such a short time!

Avatar of Agustin Torress
Agustin Torress

Great experience, the best in live trading

Avatar of Alberto Suri Flores
Alberto Suri Flores

This guy is totally totally amazing u have to check it out honest clear transparent and sooooo funny in the channel i am really happy to see real trading second day here really enjoyed to see josh talking about the trade he takes and chat comments keep it up bro u are amazing hopefully i be successful some time with u help love it

Avatar of Andres Loera
Andres Loera

man knows what he is talking about, full of useful information.

Avatar of Andrew Hoadley
Andrew Hoadley

I was given the experience to trade with him live on many occasions and loved Josh’s insight and patience when trading!

Avatar of Angel Berrios
Angel Berrios
It’s been 3 months since I quit my job and I have no regrets joining alphadaytrading. It’s not just about trading, its about continuing to learn each day to make you a better trader for the long term.
Avatar of Anthony Couto
Anthony Couto

Josh knows his stuff and answers just about any question. Love hanging in chat all morning! Very knowledgeable of your information and very helpful. You understand that we are noobies at this and you walk through the process step by step. Highly recommend!

Avatar of Bananas Bounce
Bananas Bounce

Stumbled upon Josh but WOW! Josh is so full of energy and passion! His insight and transparence are amazing.
Honest guy doing honest work! Keep it up!

Avatar of Bigmike

I’ve been watching alpha day tradings tiktok lives for a about 5 months now just learning what it looks like to be a successful trader the knowledge I’ve picked up in there is like no other he’s really the best

Avatar of Bill

By far hands down the best trading course. Josh doesn’t beat around the bush when it come to trading. He is straight to point and explains in ways to easy understand. Course are easy to follow and not long drawn out videos. Unlike other courses that have 5 mins of teaching then an hour and 30 mins of random talking maybe some past experiences. Straight to the point and easy to follow. Love his energy on live streaming as he talks through his trades and explains why he is going onto the trade. Love his morning live streams.

Avatar of brandi cisco
brandi cisco
Always gives great advice on trading!
Avatar of Brennan Fleissner
Brennan Fleissner

Best teacher out there!

Avatar of Brian Newman
Brian Newman

Very informative and a lot of great help!!

Avatar of Carla Lavoie
Carla Lavoie

Josh does an excellent job teaching! Very positive upbeat vibe!

Avatar of Carlos Solano
Carlos Solano

Josh really knows what he’s doing and has great energy which is always needed as well. He is very accurate and I’ve already made some good money learning from him.

Avatar of Carlos Suarez
Carlos Suarez

Josh is an honest guy that teaches regular people to learn about the market. What makes him unique is that he is down to earth and shows care for his members. I first saw him on tiktok then moved on to you tube and I’m gonna join his team soon . Let’s go alpha trading !!!

Avatar of Casey Silver
Casey Silver

Josh is a awesome teacher, his video library is extensive and the lessons are great. The commentary for live training is great and informative. The platform is amazing and designed for the users.

Avatar of Chad Phaire
Chad Phaire

Josh is Great! I learn something new everyday that I watch. I have made more money in the last month than I did in the prior 6.

Avatar of Chase Bullock
Chase Bullock

I’ve been following him on TikTok and watching his live streams on YouTube for several months. Not paying a dime for anything and he still has made me money! If the free streams works this well I bet his courses are great as well! Big fan of Alpha Day Trading.

Avatar of Chris Breaux
Chris Breaux

Enjoying the content. Very professional

Avatar of Chris C
Chris C

Josh is very positive and knows his stuff.

Avatar of Chris C
Chris C

Josh continues to be passionate about this work and really loves to teach. If you are interested in learning short term trading strategies for pennies, options, and other assets, give him a try. You can often watch his pre-market stream for free on TikTok or YouTube.

Avatar of Chris Hedgman
Chris Hedgman

I am a new trader. Today, I’ve learned more just listening than I have in 5 months with the other guys that I been following. Definitely going be taking the courses and expanding my knowledge with alpha day trading for a long time.

Avatar of Chris Petersen
Chris Petersen

Josh is a very good teacher. Very good at breaking down trading concepts into simple terms. Also great at helping you create your own trading plan.

Avatar of Clint Renner
Clint Renner

Josh is extremely helpful and knows his stuff. Great technical analysis and fun to listen to all day.

Avatar of Cody Buck
Cody Buck

I have been following Josh’s live streams for a couple months now and am pretty impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm he has. I look forward to getting the day started with him everyday and following along as he does live trades.

AlphaDayTrading will for sure continue to be on my watch list! Thanks Josh! Keep the hype brother!

-Cody B.

Avatar of Cody Walth
Cody Walth

Watch this guy every morning, he’s the real deal!

Avatar of Cole Shelton
Cole Shelton

What an experience!! This was the most energetic and fun community out there! On top of that the mentors are super helpful! They do lessons daily and also help out everyone in chat!!

Avatar of Corey Barnes
Corey Barnes

Alpha day trading is legit! I am new to trading in the stock market and was extremely overwhelmed before finding out about Alpha day trading. Josh is extremely knowledgeable and shares all his tips at when trading in the market. The one main reason I enjoy this is because Josh is REAL when giving advise. He’s here to teach and shows you the right way to trading. This program helps you become a legitimate trader and just doesn’t throw a random stock at you and tells you it will”make you rich!” I highly recommend Alpha day trading as it will help you become a professional trader.

– Corey B.

Avatar of Corey Schwanz
Corey Schwanz

Dipped my toe in the water for the interactive chatroom on a 1-week trial. Great information all day from watchlists to stock analysis/breakdowns and more. Well worth it and will be diving in head first soon!

Avatar of Daniel Enfield
Daniel Enfield

Josh…I love what you do to help other traders.Thank you for all you do! I try to watch you everyday via Tik Tok and YouTube! Thank you!!

Avatar of Daniel Piwowarski
Daniel Piwowarski

Im a brand new stock trader and Josh has helped me so much. Without his and his team I don’t know where I would be. I totally recommend to join the team. Im staying 😉

Avatar of Danny Saucedo
Danny Saucedo

I watch Josh on tik tok and youtube every day and through out the years, he has provided great content, educational information, great motivational speeches. He has been an inspiration to me.

Avatar of Daries Allani
Daries Allani

Best on the technical analysis!

Avatar of David James
David James

I watch every youtube stream and have learned so much from Alpha Day Trading. Definitely one of the best teachers I have come across over my years of learning.

Avatar of David Littlefield
David Littlefield

I haven’t actually done any trading yet but have been wanting to start. Most mornings I spend 15-20 minutes listening to try to absorb info to learn as I inch toward starting to trade. Always patient, descriptive, helpful…

Avatar of David Turner
David Turner

Great information.

Avatar of Denise Hunter
Denise Hunter

Watching Josh for over a month now, I went from $1,000 to $1,600. I have learned patients, watching the volume and entry points. EVERY MORNING HE GETS ME PUMPED.

Avatar of Dom Thayer
Dom Thayer

Smart and safe investing helped me learn so much over this past year.

Avatar of Don Johnson
Don Johnson
I have invested for years. Josh shows you how to trade. Great communication. Tons of lesson videos. The chat is full of great people, sharing ideas. Well worth the value. If you do the work it will pay off in a short time. Unbelievable how much I have learned in a little amount of time
Avatar of Ed Nevius
Ed Nevius

The host with the most! Why do I say that, been training with some of the best in the world for 3 years! Alpha teaches more then the norm! Transparency 💯, Live one on one training! Learn how to become a technical analyst, threw charts and signals one of my favorite choices!

Avatar of Elena Chacon
Elena Chacon

Came across alpha day trader on Tiktok this morinig and decided to do my trades with him today. In the first hour i made $250! loved the morning briefing before the market opened nice explanation will keep following for sure! went over to his youtube channel and followed his live there! great content

Avatar of Esteban Campos
Esteban Campos

Ive been following him in tiktok for almost half a year; Main reason i started following him was for his hype but then i started to see him do everyday his live streams, i can only say they are very informative WITH ONLY THE TRUTH!!! I love he takes his time to answer random questions as well even reviewes his classes in the only streams!!
I can honestly say just by see him live stream he teaches only what his good in and shows even the losses and gains LIVE STREAMS!!

Avatar of Flint Lockwood
Flint Lockwood

I began following Alpha Day Trading a few weeks ago. Understanding off the market was slim. Now, I actually feel like I know what I’m doing, even minimally. Great way to learn!

Avatar of Florida Mike
Florida Mike

the best of the best. I can’t wait to learn more.

Avatar of Frank Borja
Frank Borja

Josh is a very knowledgeable learning a lot from his knowledge thanks…

Avatar of Gaspar B
Gaspar B

I made money today following this man advice, super great. THANK YOU

Avatar of Gonzo Benavides
Gonzo Benavides

Josh at Alpha Day Trading breaks it down in such a way that will make things very understandable. I love his energy and his teachings!!!!

Avatar of hugo monroy
hugo monroy

Great mentor. the best content, support and team work that you can get from this great community!

Avatar of Ian G
Ian G

The streams have been very helpful. I’ve made money and knowledge because of them and will definitely continue to watch them each day. I highly suggest watching them so that you too can gain money and knowledge.

Avatar of Jack

Great lessons, entertaining, keeps you involved. Really appreciate the help

Avatar of Jared Nelson
Jared Nelson

Most honest and transparent trader out there. Always has a passion for teaching others how to be successful in the market and would highly recommend jumping on board!!

Avatar of Jason Yarborough
Jason Yarborough
This guy is the really deal he is in it for you, he lives to help make people as successful as he is!
Avatar of Jay Groman
Jay Groman

I just this channel and watched today. Josh is incredible at explaining concepts and why he is doing what he does. Will continue to watch and learn.

Avatar of Jeff Hebbel
Jeff Hebbel

I found Josh on TikTok which lead me to his live streams on youtube. I have been a part of his live streams everyday and have learned so much. His enthusiasm and teaching style keeps me entertained and engaged. He breaks strategies down in a way that’s easy to understand and follow. When he used his bouncing basketball analogy when explaining a certain chart pattern, it just clicked! I have learned much more in one week from watching the live streams that walks through step by step from Pre-market analysis to actual live trades than I ever have from any youtube tutorial.

Avatar of Jeff Hebbel
Jeff Hebbel

Follow up to my previous review… I’m almost completed with his Ultimate Day Trading course and learning more with that than anything else I’ve watched! I signed up for his free 7 day trial (which ends this week so sign up by Friday!), and learning even more each day as he gives a play by play on each trade and setup. The chat is awesome, filled with people who actually want to help and learn together. I feel like I can ask any question without the fear of being laughed at. I highly recommend!

Avatar of Jeff Helms
Jeff Helms

Enjoy the positivity every morning. He doesn’t be little new traders like I have seen in other groups. Answers your questions. Great experience.

Avatar of Jeremy Silva
Jeremy Silva

I’m a new trader and always learn something new watching the videos. Josh like to keep it fun and entertaining while being a good teacher, kudos to alpha day trading!

Avatar of Jesse Dofelmire
Jesse Dofelmire


Avatar of Jim Rossmeissl
Jim Rossmeissl

Been watching Josh for over a year. Everyday, you learn a little bit, and the little bits have been adding up to a great learning experience.

Avatar of Jimmy Stevens
Jimmy Stevens

Josh is very helpful and knowledgeable. You WILL make money if you educate yourself with the tools he provides.

Avatar of Tony Faggard
Tony Faggard

Just found Josh a couple weeks ago and he is very professional guy to Day Trade with.

Avatar of John

I just started this journey of my life and came across you on tictok and have been watching your YouTube videos and started your free beginner course. I just feel so comfortable with how you explain the stock lingo. It is all new and will take time to learn but me feeling comfortable is the best for me.

Avatar of John Wilson
John Wilson

Fun to learn from, lot’s of great knowledge. I will keep watching as long as the stream is up!

Avatar of Johnny Saldivar
Johnny Saldivar

Josh is awesome source of trading information. He takes the time to to describe what he sees during his live and that is priceless. I would 100% recommend his service to anyone.

Avatar of Jon Cohen
Jon Cohen

In the past I have joined a couple discords trying to learn from others on the stock market. They turned out to be more mirror trading. I did not want someone to just call out plays and blindly follow. I wanted to be able to do my own TA and understand why certain plays go a certain way. I watched Alpha Day Trading for free several days in a row before joining. The knowledge that is passed on and the teaching is incredible. I have never been part of any discord service where the primary focus is to teach others. Not try and sell this or upgrade you but purely teach. This is my third week and even it being a short week due to Christmas I have made back my investment . The daily teaching, the online courses, and the ability to have 1 on 1 coaching is unique. I still have a lot to learn. However, I am confident that on this team it will happen. For anyone else wanting to actually learn the stock market this is the place for you.

Avatar of Jonathan Walker
Jonathan Walker

I love this mans transparent personality! The realist of the real.

Avatar of Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez
Avatar of Joshua Marino
Joshua Marino

Josh Howerton always brings the 🔥—energy, knowledge, and experience. The Alpha Day Trading team is the best place to learn how to become a consistently successful trader. 💪

Avatar of Juan R. Diaz Jr
Juan R. Diaz Jr

Best in the market. Went from knowing nothing to enough to see plenty green days. Every day is a learning experience, legit zero to hero in a couple of weeks. Do yourself a favor and SIGN UP!!!

Avatar of Judson Roth
Judson Roth


Avatar of Julio R
Julio R

It’s my second week following Josh at alphaday trading. I’m impressed by the knowledge, very down to earth mentor. Still getting my feet wet into trading and will soon make a decision to join the team.

Avatar of Justin C
Justin C

Hands down the best. Best content, Josh makes trading simple and understandable. Just what you need to be successful.

Avatar of Kaleb R
Kaleb R

As a new trader I had some initial luck with what I thought was a great strategy. And like anyone without a proven strategy I quickly found myself on the losing side of things. So I went out looking for resources to help me do better. I of course found the big ones that are strictly trying to push products with very little insight. Or you find discord groups that only look for inconsistent lotto plays. However this group is different. I was able to sit down with Josh and go over multiple strategies for different trading forms and he was open and honest with me and answered all my questions. He even went the extra mile and shared his screen and worked through a trade idea with me start to finish to show me where I’m making my mistakes. You can not get this level of dedication to helping new traders make it in the market any where. And while nothing in life is free it’s ok to pay a little tuition instead of losing a lot.

Avatar of KAM BASHIR
Been watching Josh on and off. I bought one of the stocks he was discussing on TikTok and made a healthy profit. What I like most about him is that he doesn’t swear on his broadcasts. It’s important to me because I watch him with my seven year old at times. Keep up the good work Josh.
Avatar of Kamil Filipczuk
Kamil Filipczuk

Great energy. Very informative. Definitely recommend.

Avatar of Kate Lukianoff
Kate Lukianoff

Live streams are awesome!!!!!! Learn so much there, with the course and the streams I am becoming a more confident and Competent trader! Thanks Josh!!

Avatar of KC Stout
KC Stout

I’m a complete newb. Alpha has great communication and helpful understanding how to day trade. He helps understand terminology and why he likes or dislikes trades. Honest with good and bad trades. Learn even with bad trades.

Avatar of Keith

Josh is very knowledgeable. Been watching on youtube and tiktok. Love the info.

Avatar of Kelly S
Kelly S

I first found Josh on Tic Tok. And he really got me interested in the market. Im ready to change my life! i have learned so much with Alpha Day Trading!

Avatar of Landon

Josh is very knowledgeable and his energy is A+. I’ve made more money learning from him than on my own.

Avatar of Les Cox
Les Cox

Josh won’t just give you a fish now so that you can be hungry later. His live streams are teaching you how to fish so that you are never hungry again.

Avatar of Luis Mendez
Luis Mendez

I love this trading course. I have made small, but consistent profits.

Avatar of Marcus Cervantes
Marcus Cervantes

Alpha Day Trading is one my top go-to stock streamers. Josh is a real person that is not here to be profitable from his students, but to actually teach how to trade efficiently and smart. Highly recommended!

Avatar of Mark

I like to keep the teachers I learn from very low in quantity and very high in quality. And I’ll be honest, I’m still in the beginning stages with alphadaytrading, however it has been fantastic so far !

Avatar of Matt Joseph
Matt Joseph

I’m new to the chat, but have been following Alpha Day Trading for a few months now and the live content has been tremendously helpful to my success as a trader so far. I’ve also been working my way through the ultimate day trader starting kit and have been learning a ton about technical analysis and setups. Overall having a great time and watching my account grow!

Avatar of Matt Vong
Matt Vong

Josh is a great guy very energetic and very honest, I’ve been following him on Tiktok, subscribed to his newsletter and watching his trading streams on youtube and they are all tremendously helpful for beginner day traders

Avatar of Matthew Shimanovsky
Matthew Shimanovsky

I found Josh on Tik Tok and enjoy his content, and passion. Tuned into the live stream today and it’s very useful for a new aspiring trader.

Avatar of Michael J
Michael J

Excellent value watching and listening to Josh explain how he does everything in great detail. MUST JOIN!!!!

Avatar of Mike

JOSH….. From watching you on Ticktok then Youtube. Now I’m utilizing your chat room and part of your community. Between class’s and live commentary. Your Rock WOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Avatar of Mike A
Mike A

Love the course, it is up to date and current, learning more now than the last 2 months from other courses. Highly recommend.

Avatar of MudTron

Love the stream i pay to be in groups i learned more here today on his youtube channel grabbing 50 and 100 % gains

Avatar of Natalie Doughty Gaines
Natalie Doughty Gaines

Love the live YouTube and Tik Tok streams, can’t wait to join the actual chat! Very informative and perfect for beginners.

Avatar of Natalie Leon
Natalie Leon

I am brand new into this world and Josh is amazing at explaining all the questions during live stream! His live streams are excellent source to learn as a beginner.

Avatar of Natalie Leon
Natalie Leon
I am brand new into this world and Josh is amazing at explaining all the questions during live stream! His live streams are excellent source to learn as a beginner.
Avatar of Nate Sanden
Nate Sanden

I watch Josh almost every week day on YouTube, he’s the real deal. Serious day trading skills. Here’s a quick little day trade he walked us through.

Avatar of Nick Allwardt
Nick Allwardt

Honestly one of the most informative, genuine, and user friendly platform for trading. I tune in daily to there TikTok and enjoy just being apart of the positive culture

Avatar of Nick M
Nick M

Great info with great energy! Learn something new everyday!

Avatar of nick mills
nick mills

Amazing group, really focuses on helping new traders learn as well as active trading for traders of any experience level. Highly recommend.

Avatar of Nikolay Georgiev
Nikolay Georgiev

Josh and his Alpha Day Trading school, the Ultimate day trading course are really Impressive! Josh is one my Top favorite trading coaches i have followed. He has a lot of trading experience and has given a lot of effort to make his everyday teaching great. In addition, I appreciate that He continues to update His courses with new material. The explanations of each strategy are clear and include many examples. As We know a Day trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme . It takes a great deal studying and practice with Josh on daily bases. It is a great honor to know and be part of this team.

Avatar of Nikolay Georgiev
Nikolay Georgiev

I’m 47 years old working onboard a cruise ship for the past 25 years. Since the Covid -19 stopped our industry trading on the stock market is my source of income. I have taken a lot of education over the years and from a lot of different instructors so I don’t mind saying Josh’s presentation style is fantastic! It holds my attention, it’s to the point, well defined, informative, and very well thought out which is great if you are a student. Your Live streaming on YouTube and your Trading room help me to build my trading style and to find the edge of becoming better trader.

I have spent almost a year jumping from different trading groups and mentors searching for the right trading community, having decided trading was for me. I came across Josh’s Alpha Day Trading channel on Youtube first while researching, and having found that this is what I am looking for, I have never looked back. There is a wealth of information, experience & a brilliant work ethic at Alpha Day Trading community.

I have suggested to all my colleagues if they want to build the strongest foundation possible to become successful by trading the Stock Market. Become part of the community of traders just like me who are learning, trading, practicing, and most importantly, discovering the freedom to choose how to live.

Thank you Josh for been part life-changing journey. Keep up the great job which you are doing.

Avatar of Orlando Rivera
Orlando Rivera

I started the course about 4 days ago and I have learned so much. I have been trying to learn how to trade online for over six months. I’ve taken courses in Udemy and tried the Discord way to various degrees of no success. This course is teaching me what I need to know starting with foundations and work up from there. I have also enjoyed and learned a lot from his live trading on YouTube. Great course, great person, great investment!!!

Avatar of Pete Klimek
Pete Klimek

First started watching through Tik Tok and really enjoy Josh’s energy and simple approach to Trading.

Avatar of Philip Wong
Philip Wong

Great energy, knowledge and live stream. Really enjoyable

Avatar of Phillip Smith
Phillip Smith

This guy tells you stuff all the others hold back. I have paid for some course and he says the same stuff and more for free. If you don’t believe me just watch him on Tictok or Youtube for FREE. As a bonus no one can match Josh’s energy.

Avatar of Pj Teixeira
Pj Teixeira

Great energy, super informative, recommend.

Avatar of PXS

Alpha day trading, just Awesome. Josh will definitely take care of you. Great education, with good technical analysis lots and lots of Energy. Two thumbs up 👍👍 ! Woohooo!

Avatar of R T

Love the content and live stream trading provided. Great learning experience.

Avatar of Ralph Sledge
Ralph Sledge


Josh is a great teacher and keeps things fresh and entertaining. Even though I do not Day Trade, I still use his methods and information to get a leg up on swings and long term holds.

I put his stream on while I’m working and the information gets logged into my subconscious. Then when I see a trade that I like, it all comes rushing back and I’m able to process in a matter of seconds.

Keep up the good work, Josh, and much success in the future.

Avatar of Rebecca Kuntz
Rebecca Kuntz
Just found Josh about a week ago and love the way he teaches and really look forward to his lives daily. He breaks down the trade and really explains it so a newbie like me understands.
Avatar of Rick

Genuinely commits his efforts to develop those that desire to learn

Avatar of Rodrigo Marin
Rodrigo Marin

Josh is legit, he breaks it down to a level of understanding for all skill levels and speaks nothing but the truth. A real one.

Avatar of Russ K
Russ K

I look forward to this on a daily basis , he is not selling me on hype , but teaches what to do and look for in the market, down to earth and looking forward to profits in the future

Avatar of Sam Thet
Sam Thet

So glad that I have joined the team. It has changed my trading mindset!

Avatar of santi perfumo
santi perfumo

Stream is great, clear and concise

Avatar of Santino Spatocco
Santino Spatocco
Today was my first time watching Josh’s stream on tiktok when it came up on my fyp, then I changed over to watching it on youtube so I can see the chart. I like how he teaches and gets into detail on things that come off as useful information to me. I’ll definitely be tuning in again and I recommend spending one of your mornings watching his sessions. 
Avatar of Sara Hendrix
Sara Hendrix

I stumbled across Josh on TikTok. I just started trading last month during summer vacation(teacher here) and didn’t really know what to look for or how to do it. I started watching Josh and got some great pointers. I am already up $200. He is completely honest and you will learn about so much.

Avatar of Scott Trade
Scott Trade

Josh is amazing! He gives amazing market insight. He takes time each day to teach and review his trades as well as his teams trades. Best of the best by far!!!

Avatar of Shana

I am new to your stream and I am learning a lot. Thank you for providing this content for free.

Avatar of Shreyans Gupta
Shreyans Gupta

I think the live streams done on YouTube are very helpful as each trade is explained and run through in detail as opposed to having alerts sent out like other channels where people are unable to learn much. Plus, once the patterns are explained and I see it in real life trades, I feel like I would be able to apply it myself at a point, with practice, and become a better (hopefully professional) trader!

Avatar of Skyler Mendez
Skyler Mendez

Josh is a great resource. He takes the time to educate us so we can maneuver the market ourselves as opposed to just leaving us for dead. I would 100% recommend his service to anyone. He is also relatable, just a normal guy helping the community! Go ALPHA!!

Avatar of Stev

This daytrading room is definitely legit. Transparency is something we do not see in the industry, so it is refreshing to have someone who is not only a great trading mentor, but also honest and valid!

Avatar of Sara Hendrix
Sara Hendrix
I have been a member of Alpha Day Trading since 11/21 and this the best place for traders with little to no experience. They have an unbelievable video lessons library which covers everything from day 1 to emotion control, chart patterns and more. He streams live from 7am to 7pm with scanners that you can see live. He also does live trading as he is coaching the team. There are different chat rooms that are live 24/7 and you can always get help from other team members if you are struggling with something or have a question as there are some very knowledgeable traders in the community. Looking for a get rich plan this is not the place for you.
Avatar of Steve Greaves
Steve Greaves

the best place to learn!!

Avatar of Stylesby Christina
Stylesby Christina

Best trader thank you so much

Avatar of SunnyMoney

Josh is awesome. I have previously joined many premium sites including discord and other services and Josh is the best! He really wants to help!

Avatar of Tee Buff
Tee Buff

My 2nd time tuning into Alpha Day Trading. Learning more valuable skills each session, and things are beginning to click with less emotion! You Guys Rock!!! As a novice to day trading, this session was super helpful in breakding down the timing nuances of when to jump in and out to maximize profits. And most importantly… I’m up $80 bucks on the day!

Avatar of The Humble Hustle
The Humble Hustle

Stream is new user friendly, helpful, and insightful. Saw on tik tok and immediately took to youtube to get the full stream view, because it was intriguing and helpful.

Avatar of Tim Crowley
Tim Crowley

Excellent, highly recommended, learned alot

Avatar of Tim Shinault
Tim Shinault

Really enjoy the live streams every morning on Tiktok and Youtube. Honest and to the point with facts to back up his trades.

Avatar of Timothy McMann
Timothy McMann

I’m a wannabe successful day trader, but I am still fairly new to it and not quite successful as of yet. I stumbled upon the Alpha Day Trading YouTube stream a couple of weeks ago. So far I have been very impressed with Josh’s market analysis. He happily shares all the information he has to give, and whereas many other livestreamers just say what they traded and show off how much they made, Josh explains when and why he makes every trade, both his wins and his losses, he does not flaunt his gains or downplay his losses. He is very charismatic and fun to listen to. Thanks Josh for your livestreams!

Avatar of Tin Williams
Tin Williams

Made 130 within a few minutes trading with Josh. He knows what he doing

Avatar of Todd P
Todd P

Awesome and informative! Not your average BS and Josh explains and educates!

Avatar of Tom Egan
Tom Egan

I have been following Josh for 2 weeks. His insight, education is spot on. I love his transparency. Highly recommend. Will be signing up for his course

Avatar of Tony Sanders
Tony Sanders

Josh went out of his way to help me find a solution to my problem. Thank You Sir

Avatar of Tracy Touma
Tracy Touma

I can honestly say that the I jump out of the bed every morning to get on chat and on you tube to follow Josh. Who else can say that they love what they do that much?! I have been an investor for years but now I’m homeschooling and making money every single day because of Josh. His advice has helped to allow me to make money while staying home with my daughter. Thank you Josh, from the bottom of my heart!

Avatar of Travis Bevington
Travis Bevington

I watch this every morning on YouTube and have learned so much each day. Thanks Josh

Avatar of Travis Price
Travis Price

I enjoy the information being given out to the community. Helpful in my pursuit of learning to trade and learn a life changing skill.

Avatar of Tyler Bundrick
Tyler Bundrick

Josh does a fantastic job of breaking down and analyzing stocks each day. He does it in such fashion that newbies can understand and keeps the experienced entertained at the same time. I also like he is honest about each stock. He doesnt down play it at all.

Avatar of Tyler Harper
Tyler Harper

Love the live stream!! Very informative. Learned many strategies. Josh is a real one!

Avatar of Wade Strickland
Wade Strickland

Josh doesn’t overwhelm people. Learning is easy. Context is explained on a level that anyone can learn from it.

Avatar of Wilson Morris
Wilson Morris

I’ve been following Josh for the past 2 months and he’s honestly the most motivating and inspiring of the Youtube and TikTok creators that have given me the most success of them all to be honest.

Avatar of Xavier Salazar Andueza
Xavier Salazar Andueza

love the energy! very infomative

Avatar of yousif kagy
yousif kagy


Avatar of Zachary Ward
Zachary Ward

I have been trading for about 2 months now and have been struggling to find quality education. Everyone wants to sell fluff courses that are way over priced and don’t give enough information. Josh not only has the free streams on Youtube, but he has an incredible, affordable trading education option. I’ve learned more in the short time watching him than I have in 2 months of trading. Highly recommend!

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