Last modified: Feb 01 2021

That it a question you have to answer. All I can say is if you want to acquire this skillset to properly and self sufficiency trade stocks and you are ready to start learning how to lock in consistent profits in the market, then you will be very happy with joining this community!

This is where you have access to over 150 (AND GROWING) on-demand video lessons. Structured, Simple and Highly Effective Trading Education at your fingertips. Learn about advanced strategies, indicators, options, shorting, technical analysis, trading psychology and so much more!

The Live Trading Platform is an application we developed for our members vs. sending them to a discord server. This application was built for traders by traders and offers everything you need to be as successful in the market as possible. Live Trade Streams, Custom Chatrooms, Scanners, Screeners, Video Lessons, Courses, Charting and so much more.

Absolutely! I trade live with our team every single day. The live stream and AI scanners are up from 7AM to 7PM Monday – Friday est. and I am personally live on the air trading and commentating from 9AM until 12PM.