Our Team


Josh Howerton

Head Trading Coach

Josh has 9+ years of experience as a stock and options trader. He is the founder of Alpha Day Trading, The Market Mastery Coaching Program, and Alpha Pro Coaching Program.

Garrett Gnight

Neuroscience Coach

Garrett combines business methods and neurological sciences to provide tailored advice. He is passionate about helping others visualize their goals for personal and professional growth.

Julian Rosen

Mindset Transformation Coach

Julian was named a leading transformational coach by MSNBC & Harvard. He combines spiritual healing wisdom with applied neuroscience for soulful transformation of mind, body, and spirit.

Corey Schwanz

Trading Coach

Corey has 3+ years of experience as an options and futures trader. He is a former student of the Alpha Day Trading coaching program and has grown into a high-level trading coach for our students.

Chris Winters

Personal Growth and Performance Coach

Chris is a high-performance coach specializing in mastering the mind and enhancing productivity. He specializes in helping passionate professionals design and build the life they want.

Jennifer Howerton

Client Success Manager

Jennifer has been in the hospitality world for 15+ years, where ensuring customers happiness has come second nature to her.

Destini Thompson

Trading Success Manager

Destini has journeyed through the realms of business consulting and mindset coaching for the last 5 years. She specializes in empowering individuals to explore their potential as a day trader.

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