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Learn how to turn your passion into profits by joining the best community for both new and experienced traders.

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I’m Josh Howerton, a Husband, Father, Successful Trader, Teacher and the founder of the Alpha Day Trading team. My passion is equipping you with the knowledge, skills and confidence you will need to succeed as a trader. And the team I’ve built has over 25 years of experience doing just that. 

Whether you are brand new to trading or have been struggling to find your edge in the market for years, I want to help you succeed.


Every day new students are learning what it takes to consistently profit from the stock market. It all started with a Membership to the Alpha Day Trading Group!

Chatroom, Profits and Testimonials!

Now you know what all they hype is about.

The Alpha Advantage


Trading Chatroom Built For Professionals

Trading Tailored Chatrooms

Trading Chatrooms: Collaborate and Exchange ideas with other traders in our custom trading chatroom. You will have access to Stock Talk, Alerts, Profits, Options, Crypto and Signals Chat as a member!


Real-Time SMS Mobile Trade Alerts

Trade Alerts

Livestream and Chat Alerts: As you already know, Josh Live Streams his screen everyday to members inside of chat. He provides Live Trade Commentary, Education and Alerts BUT it's gets even better. If you opt-in to our SMS Alert feature you will receive text messages with all alerts posted inside of chat so you never miss a play!


Real-Time Trade Stream

Real-Time Video Stream

Live Technical Analysis and Trade Commentary: The Live Trade Stream is packed full of value. DAILY Education, Alerts, Q&A Sessions and Live Technical Analysis to help you identify market opportunities to profit.


Daily Trading Lessons w/ Live Q&A


Live Trading Lessons and Q&A: We host LIVE Trading Lessons and a Q&A session DAILY. It more than just profiting from the stock market, it's learning how to do it on your own. We want to teach you how to fish!


Real-Time Trade Commentary

Trade Commentary

Daily Livestream Training: Josh Howerton goes LIVE inside of chat every morning from 7AM to 7PM EST. You will see his screen, receive trading commentary and see his positions box in REAL TIME! He provides alerts with education so you know exactly what he is trading and WHY he is trading!


120+ Video Lessons Library


120+ Video Lessons Library: We know members may not be able to join our Live Sessions everyday or attend our Live Trading Lessons. That is why we have an on-demand Video Lessons Library that you can access 24/7 365.

Don’t Trade Alone. Join Team Alpha Today!

Alpha Day Trading Special Events

Trading Webinars

Education is the most important asset for new traders. We actively host LIVE Trading Workshop Webinars for FREE for new traders learn. Turn your passion into profits and join us in our next Trading Webinar

Small Account Challenge

The Alpha Day Trading Small Account Challenge was created to help new traders succeed. Traders fail because they do not have any guidance or education. I was a new trader at one point and I struggled with generating consistent profits in the stock market.

The Small Account Challenge is hosted LIVE inside of our chatroom and is included in your membership. This program starts August 1st 2021 and will help you learn the ropes of stock trading. Join the challenge and take your trading to the next level.

Trading MasterClass

Join an exclusive group of 20 traders and 3 elite mentors to take your trading to the next level. The Alpha Masterclass program is designed to help you develop a profitable trading strategy that works for you.

The Ultimate Day Trading Starter Kit is Finally Here!

We are changing the Trading Industry and making PROPER TRADING EDUCATION more AFFORDABLE!

•  Over 50 Structured Chapters

•  20+ Hours of Video Content

•  Thousand Dollar Value for less than $300

Brand New to Trading? Get Started for Free

Five Free Trading Lessons

Get 5 premium video lessons from the brand new Ultimate Day Trading Starter Kit. The course that was built for new traders. 

Pre-Market News & Alerts

Get pre-market news and alerts for the top stocks on our watchlist delivered directly to your inbox every morning—absolutely free!

Limited Access Livestream

Join the first 30 minutes (9-9:30am EST) of our daily livestream! Watch technical analysis and live commentary as the team trades in real-time.

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